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Bandit and Friends in: Our Story

 by Trisha Greenbush
The story that kicked off the Bandit and Friends series of stories and thus kicked off years of story-telling by UMG Productions. In this story, Albino
cannot sleep. So he heads to Bandit and begs her to tell him the story of their lives. Bandit agrees only on the condition that Albino goes back to sleep once the story is over. So she pulls out her wallet, with the pictures, and begins to tell her story. The story consists of Bandit and Reginald growing up in the house they are now living in, in still-pictures. A great story for those who love coming-of-age stories, and kids of all ages.

Original release date: April, 1980
ISBN#:                         978-1-312-97501-9
No. of Pages:               16
Download Size:           4.56 MB
Print Size:                    8.5" x 11"
Print Weight:               0.32 lbs.

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