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Pretty Pullman

by Pullman Townsend and Dee Dee Rivera

Pullman has a bit of a problem. He wants to write in his notebook, but the baby, Brittney wants to play dress up with him.

Little Pine

By F. M. Clark
and Dee Dee Rivera

The story is about a young pine tree named Little Pine, who stands next to his father in the woods. The father tells the tale of the Ancient One to

From Zoo to House Pet

By Katrina Dodds
A companion story to one of UMG's own masterpiece stories, Gracie's Odyssey, this story looks at Davy's life after he leaves the zoo in Sydney

Davy's Little White Lie

By Dee Dee Rivera
Lisa, her father and Davy are at the family's cabin in the mountains. While there, Davy meets a pack of wild animals like himself. He wants to join

Uncle Martin and the Gang in: Uncle Martin is Impeached!

By Dee Dee Rivera and Eva Lawrence
Gang life seems to be getting the better of Uncle Martin, for in this story, he gets into a minor scuffle with the members of his gang. This quickly explodes

Cafeteria Wreck

By Dee Dee Rivera
Swen and Odel are back and they meet up with Eva and Katrina, who just wanted nothing more than to enjoy a relaxing day at an outdoor cafe in the

How (Not To) Raise Farm Dogs

by Dee Dee Rivera and F.M. Clark

A humorous tale about a farmer who raises a border collie puppy from birth. The puppy was rejected by her own mother, and the farmer puts her

The Waking of the Volcano

By Dee Dee Rivera

This story is from the early days, when Cairo Smith still had Davy living in the St. Helens Home for Wild Animals with Uncle Martin and his gang. In this story, he decides to spend the day at the

Uncle Martin and the Gang in: Rooftop Basketball

By Dee Dee Rivera
The very first story to ever feature Uncle Martin's youngest group members, Bucky and Mushmouth. Mushmouth is an aspiring basketball

Dynamic Dogs

by Dee Dee Rivera
You saw our Kooky Cagebirds collection, this is a similar look at Dynamic Dogs! Did you ever wonder where some dog names came from? Dee Dee Rivera is known well for her slapstick humor and amazing wit, and it is

Brittney's New Pet

By Dee Dee Rivera and Eva Lawrence

Four year old Brittney is in a bad spot. She just lost her pet Chihuahua named Groucho, who dies mysteriously one gloomy spring morning.

The Mountain is Exploding!

By Dee Dee Rivera

This is the story of a young female Chakawati lemur, a lemur of the future, that inhabits the area around Mount St. Helens in Washington State.

Futuristic Fight-Club

by Dee Dee Rivera and Cathy Britton
A combination of modern sports humor and futuristic animals. This story takes place in South America after humans have moved from the planet

The Lemur and the Mouse

By Dee Dee Rivera
A UMG take on a classic story. Instead this time, a Bromista lemur (from is in place instead of a lion. The lemur endeavors to eat the

Date to Ice Skate

by Trisha Greenbush
This was the very first story created for UMG Productions. Though back then, it was known as Black Panther Books. Bandit does not live in a house in this book, instead

Uncle Martin and the Gang in: I'm Having A Baby!

by Dee Dee Rivera
Cassie the cow and her mate Tim, who is a member of Martin's crew, are having their first baby together. This story picks up after Cassie has been taken

Growing Up Is Hard to Do

by Cathy Britton
A UMG Productions masterpiece! This is the story of a mature bushbaby named Lucy, who lives in an exotic animal collection in New York, and she

A Big World Out There

by Cathy Britton
The story of Bucky, a young lemur, who is just brought home on the day of his birth. He discovers the World is indeed a big place, and sometimes, not the

Jasper's Job

by Katrina O'hara
Halloween Hall is in a terrible mess, financially. And Jasper is asking everyone to get a job with him so they can double the income, and get the mansion back

Bandit and Friends in: Our Story

 by Trisha Greenbush
The story that kicked off the Bandit and Friends series of stories and thus kicked off years of story-telling by UMG Productions. In this story, Albino