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About UMG Productions

Welcome to the New Uncle Martin and the Gang Website!!
Uncle Martin and the Gang Studios got started in 1979, with 3 friends all in their teens and in High School. The studio was originally under the name Black Panther Studios, but with the popularity of the Uncle Martin and the Gang series in the late 1980s and 90s, the studio's name was changed to Uncle Martin and the Gang Studios, or UMG for short. Our stories were created mostly with a young adult audience in mind, but some are safe for small children as well. We pride ourselves on the detail of our drawings. We have ignored the crude drawing fads introduced by such cartoons as Spongebob Squarepants, and maintain a style of illustrating Walt Disney himself would be proud to exhibit in his own studio. Like Disney's studios and illustrators, we constantly work to improve on this. All stories are presented here in their original format. All of our stories are originals, thought up by our own authors. The books on this site are not recreations of other stories outside of our own circle of friends. We hope you enjoy all of our stories, and please feel free to comment and rate each story. Thank you.

The Management