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Please Be Patient!

Please Be Patient!
Due to Covid-19, our print books and some DVDs may not be available. We are doing what we can to fix the problem, but it may take some time. Please bear with us during this process. Video streaming, ebooks, and some Amazon suppliers are still available with related products. We will keep you up to date with what is going on. Thank you.

~The Management
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Showing posts with label Story Compilations. Show all posts

Uncle Martin and the Gang Discusses: INXS

By UMG Productions
Another compilation book. One of the biggest subjects among UMG Productions' most prominent author is the subject of INXS. Ms. Rivera is a huge fan of the band! And has

Kooky Kritters

by Dee Dee Rivera
This book is a compilation of both the Kooky Cagebirds and the Dynamic Dogs comics. But we have also included in this collection, a previously

Comics Collection (1986-1992)

by UMG Productions
(collected and put together by Dee Dee Rivera)
This is a collection of not one, but several different authors' work. Once in a while, when an idea is too small to put in a story form, the authors get together