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Get Published!

New Story Ideas
Have a story idea? Use this form to submit your manuscript to UMG Productions! (Subject to approval, document must be ready)
Please note that it may take up to 7-10 days for us to contact you. A valid e-mail address must be supplied and will be checked for authenticity. Please submit only work that is your own. To submit your work is absolutely free. Authors receive on average 50% of commission on books sold through our site. If we approve your work, you will receive a letter from us stating so, and discussing your commission and fees. UMG Productions reserves the right to discuss and make minor changes with the approval of the author. The author has the right to pull their work from UMG Productions website at any time, for what ever reason.

Submit for Compilation Collections
Sometimes, we allow upcoming, or well-established authors to submit short stories for our compilation books. These books are usually a series of stories about the same subject. Each compilation is about a different subject. UMG Productions claims all content once it has been submitted and approved for our publication. We usually put up announcements of future story compilation ideas. However, if you have a short story you want us to consider putting in our next compilation collection, you may submit it using this form. If we review your story, and it is approved for our next compilation book, we will pay you $100. All submissions not accepted will be deleted from our files.
Illustrations for your story
If you are interested in illustrations made for your book, please contact us at The price for illustrations depends on what kind of quality you want. They can range from $2 each to $10 each, depending on quality. If you hire us to do your work, we promise to give you quality work that fits your expectations. Drawings will be scanned and placed in a water-marked video for you to view. Once you approve of the drawings we have done, we will send you the files so you can use them in your book. If you want to use us to draw pictures for your book, and do not want to add your work to our UMG line-up, that is also possible, but you must give full credit to UMG Productions in your publication.

In order for us to create drawings that will meet your needs, please be as detailed as you possibly can in your e-mail message. Including instructions to how you want each character to look, skin color, hair color, clothing colors/designs, eye color, and etc.

Now! Share your Experience!
We will now accept video submissions from our viewers! If you have ordered a UMG book or DVD, we'd love to hear from you via video. You may email your video to and describe what you thought of our story or video. Let the world hear your idea, whether you like the story or not, what you liked, or didn't like about the story. Be sure to show off your copy in your video. Each video submitted will be posted on the post for that story or DVD. Any videos that are submitted and do not show the sender with the physical copy of their purchased product, will not be posted.