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Terms of Service

1. Purchases must be made by persons over 18 years of age, and anyone under that age should get the permission of the parent or guardian before making any purchases.

2. If you are a parent or guardian, please supervise your children as they are browsing this site. Some stories are marked as safe for children. We understand kids can get out of control, and view something they should not be viewing. UMG Productions is not responsible for actions taken by unsupervised children.

3. Once you have paid the nominal fee, you are entitled to download each story you pay for once. This is for our own copyright protection. To learn more about Internet Copyright Laws, please visit this site.

4. Anyone caught stalking or harassing any representative of UMG Productions via the internet will be immediately removed and all privileges revoked. Depending on the level of harassment, legal actions may also be taken.

5. Anyone caught misrepresenting themselves or providing us with false information, it will be considered fraud and grounds for immediate termination from the site.

6. No stories may be altered in any way, or placed up for download on any other site except This is also in violation of Internet Copyright Laws and may be grounds for immediate prosecution under the law. We have workers who scour all corners of the internet for this kind of action, and you will be caught.

7. We ask that you provide us with feedback so we can improve and serve our customers better. If you would like to send feedback, or have any questions, fill out the Contact Us form. Please use the "response" buttons at the bottom of each post to rate the book. Please do not leave cryptic feedback. Do not rate unless you have actually read the book. We encourage all readers of our products to rate and comment on each book. Anonymous posters are not allowed. The comments are enabled by OpenID members only. You must become a member of OpenID to post a comment. All comments are moderated by our staff, and posted only after they meet approval. We accept all comments, but they will only be posted if they are relevant to the story.

8. Positively no refunds will be given for any downloads. No exceptions. If you experience a problem downloading your book, please contact us using the contact form on the sidebar of the page. We will provide you with a solution. These situations must be provided with the order number that was given to you on the download page. If you ordered a paperbound book, and you want a refund, you must send the book back to us with a note saying why you want to return the book. We will only give refunds for paperbound books that are defective. Sorry, but we cannot give refunds because you didn't enjoy the book. There are other options available for that.

9. UMG Productions respects your privacy. Any personal information you give us either for a paperback purchase, or any questions, comments or concerns submitted to us will not be shared with any third party persons that we do not associate with directly, for any reason. The only third party sites that may get information you provide are trusted sites like and These sites will not use your e-mail or home address to send you spam.

Check out our Privacy Policy page.