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Katrina Hates You (Video Collection)

by Katrina Dodds 
Edited by Dee Dee Rivera
Katrina Dodds does the voices for this character. The character Katrina is a smart-mouthed tamanoa doe (futuristic carnivore) who

Uncle Martin and the Gang Discusses: INXS

By UMG Productions
Another compilation book. One of the biggest subjects among UMG Productions' most prominent author is the subject of INXS. Ms. Rivera is a huge fan of the band! And has

TimmyHutchFan Rides The Great Wheel (Video Presentation)

 By UMG Productions

TimmyHutchFan is back! And in Seattle to ride the Great Wheel, which has become a Seattle icon. Originally filmed in 2013 for her 39th

Lisa and Davy Spend A Day At The Zoo

By Dee Dee Rivera

A boring Sunday afternoon in the beginning of the school season, and Lisa and Dave are bored. Nothing on television except football games, and Lisa

Back To School

By Dee Dee Rivera and Cathy Britton

Lisa has a bit of a problem. She has to go to high school and leave all her friends from middle school behind. But there is a group of bully boys who

One Day In November...

By Dee Dee Rivera

Every INXS fan has a story to tell about where they were on November 22, 1997, the day Michael Hutchence was found dead in a hotel room.

The Big Squeeze

by Dee Dee Rivera and Cathy Britton
Purely an anecdote story, though it centers around compassion for animals with a happy, and somewhat humorous, ending. Caroline appears in this story, it's one of the few times this 80s child is

The Break-In

By Dee Dee Rivera

Davy is getting older and because he is getting bigger, he's been confined to the barn. This puts a damper on his family life,

To Work Or Dress

by Dee Dee Rivera
Candi is in trouble! She just bought a dress for $500 and she wants to earn the money to pay for the dress before her husband Leopold finds out she

Adventures In Moving

By Dee Dee Rivera
I grew up in a military family, where I always seemed to be on the move like a nomad in the desert. It was not really an enjoyable life for

How A Dog-Girl Turned Rocker

by Dee Dee Rivera
Between the years 2005 to 2007, Ms. Rivera kept an online blog at MSN. It was like a daily diary of what she was doing every minute. Most pronounced are her

Hutchess: A Picture Diary

by Dee Dee Rivera
This story stars Candi, who represents Dee Dee, and takes place in the early summer months of 1998, when Dee got herself a cattle dog puppy that she

Comics Collection (1986-1992)

by UMG Productions
(collected and put together by Dee Dee Rivera)
This is a collection of not one, but several different authors' work. Once in a while, when an idea is too small to put in a story form, the authors get together

Pickin' Up Chicks

by Dee Dee Rivera
The very first story where Odel and Swen are together as a mini-mob. In 1995, Ms. Rivera was heavily into Beavis and Butthead, and a lot of her stories at this time reflect

Can We Join Your Gang?

by Dee Dee Rivera
Swen and Odel are gang rejects, and desperately want to connect with someone. So they choose the toughest guy on the block, Rudolf. But Rudolf

The Wedding

by Dee Dee Rivera
This is a story that Ms. Rivera bases in part on her own marriage which took place in 1997. Candi finally buckles down and decides to marry Leopold, her