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Secret Series

Batman Battles The Joker and Penguin
by Dee Dee Rivera
Part 1 of the series. Cairo, who plays Batman in this series, only makes a brief appearance and leaves the Joker and Penguin tied up. But somehow they escape, only to kidnap a girl who went fishing by the lake, to perform at the Joker's new circus.
Originally released: August, 1992. Revised and recreated: March, 2008.

Price is $5.43

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Batman Battles The Riddler and Catwoman
by Dee Dee Rivera
Part 2 of the Batman series. The Riddler is loose and Celina is finding a new identity after being terminated from a job where the employers were ungrateful for her services. She becomes Catwoman after becoming delusional due to lack of sleep from the job. The Riddler is his old self and leaves riddles for Batman to solve about what he is up to.
Originally released: September, 1992. Revised and recreated: March, 2008.

Price is $6.92

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Gracie's Odyssey (Original 1998 Version)
by Dee Dee Rivera and Cairo Smith
This is the original version of this story that was presented to the world in January of 1998 in it's original form. Unlike the released and revised version on this site, Lisa is missing. Gracie goes on her own to find her baby. Davy winds up in a group home for animals in the town of Toutle in Washington State, near the base of Mount St. Helens.
Originally released: January, 1998.

Price: $19.95

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UMG Videobooks Collection

by Dee Dee Rivera
Do you enjoy our videobooks? Would you like to have all of the ones we've made so far in one collection? Well, here you go! Videobooks are a unique thing to UMG Productions. It is a combination of pictures from the stories, or some thrown in to illustrate those that do not have pics, with narration, and music to set the mood of each scene. It's all here in one DVD collection that you and the whole family are sure to enjoy.

Price: $14.99

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