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Comics Collection (1986-1992)

by UMG Productions
(collected and put together by Dee Dee Rivera)
This is a collection of not one, but several different authors' work. Once in a while, when an idea is too small to put in a story form, the authors get together
 and collaborate to create a comic strip. Some of the best ever submitted to UMG Productions is within this collection. Including some of the "Brad the Frisky Civet" collection, which ran in 1986 and were big hits with the readers. One of the comic strips presented here, was once presented in the statewide school review! It was a great day for the author, Katrina O'hara, who started the comic strip just a few months before she passed away in 1986, but unfortunately did not live to see it's rise to fame. Some comics presented may not be suitable for children, due to strong language. Reader discretion advised.

Put together in 2008. Comics dated from February 1986 to April 1992
ISBN #:              978-1-312-97521-7
No. of Pages:     12
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