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Growing Up Is Hard to Do

by Cathy Britton
A UMG Productions masterpiece! This is the story of a mature bushbaby named Lucy, who lives in an exotic animal collection in New York, and she
meets a lost baby otter shrew named Jafar, who is a very long way from home! He lives in Uganda, and Lucy has no idea where that is. Jafar is quite young and scared now that he is so far from home. But Lucy promises to get him back to his home, no matter what it takes. There is quite a bit of turbulence though. Lucy's keeper wants to keep Jafar there. But Lucy made a promise already and she plans to keep that promise. So once she springs him loose, they are off on their way to Africa! It is a land far away and it takes several months to get there. In the meantime, Jafar is growing up in size, but not in spirit. He wants Lucy to stay with him forever. Lucy cannot do it, but after a while she relents. But is not happy. Find out what happens in this harrowing tale of two friends. One is trying to help the other, and the other just wants to be a little bit selfish. So will Jafar really grow up and learn to fend for himself? Find out! This is a great adventure for people of all ages!

Original release date: July, 1987
ISBN #:                        978-1-312-97011-3
No. of Pages:               103
Download Size:           73.6 MB
Print Size:                    8.5" x 11"
Print Weight:               0.8 lbs.

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