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The Time Machine

By Dee Dee Rivera
This is the story of an inventor named Everett, who thinks he has invented the perfect machine for time travel. His friends Vinnie and Stella offer themselves as his "guinea pigs" to experiment on this new machine. They ask him to send them
 back to May of 1980, before the eruption of Mount St. Helens. So he does.
Little do they realize when they get there that the mountain is literally alive! Not just with the eruption about to happen, but also with an indian princess who was cursed to be a part of that mountain until a spirit is sacrificed to free her. So what is the spirit? That's what Vinnie and Stella set out to discover! But the spirit must be sacrificed to the mountain before it erupts, or else the princess will be emprisoned in that mountain for all eternity. Will Vinnie and Stella make it before the volcano erupts? Find out! This book is packed with humor and fun for people of all ages!

Original release date: February, 1997
ISBN #:                        978-1-329-08155-0
No. of Pages:               78
Download Size:           50.3 MB
Print Size:                    8.5 x 11"
Print Weight:              0.65 lbs.

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