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Fun At The Falls (Video Presentation)

 by UMG Productions
This movie stars Mikessa1 as the thrilled vacationer, who goes to Idaho Falls after planning it for over 7 years. She finally gets to make a trip there, and discovers what the town is like. Follow her on
the road from Bozeman, MT to Idaho Falls, ID, and stays at a semi-classy hotel, and best of all she gets to see the fantastic falls that gave the town it's name. Though the trip was made in the dead of winter, Mikessa1 goes on an unusually warm day, and there is almost no snow on the road. Timmyfan tags along, and realizes that the state of Idaho has a few glitches that she had no idea about.

Copyright 2013 by UMG Productions, Inc.

 Price: $14.99

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Unknown said...

You Have enjoyed Lot there at Idaho Falls .