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TimmyHutchFan Discussions: Dogs (Video Collection)

by UMG Productions
Though she is known for her slapstick humor, TimmyHutchFan decides to get a little serious with this subject. This is a complete collection of all the
dog videos done by TimmyHutchFan, originally aired on YouTube. TimmyHutchFan discusses the top 10 most beautiful, extinct, vanishing, and best lap dogs and more. Whereas most people on YouTube find pictures of dogs that only look superficially similar to the breed they are talking about, you can count on TimmyHutchFan to know her breeds, and only displays definite pictures and video of the breeds she is talking about. No substitutes. Some of these videos were very popular and received rave reviews by YouTube viewers. Now, here they are in one complete collection. You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about dogs and their ways, and what kind of dog would be right for you.

Originally released: November, 2016 to November, 2017

 Price: $14.99

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