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My Favorite Videos (Video Collection)

Compiled by UMG Productions

All copyrights belong to the respective owners of the material and not with any connection with UMG Productions, Inc.

Have you ever wanted to be a Video Jockey? Dee has! In this series, she plays some of her favorite songs as music videos. Dee uses her imagination and comes up with several creative ways to introduce each video. She recruits the help of several friends to also do video introductions, including Katrina from Katrina Hates You, and Mikessa from Two Chicks In Vegas. Dee's guests even get their own chapters with their own favorite videos. All of these chapters culminate into a collection of videos with intros that not only will make you boogie, but will also make you laugh. And at the same time, learn some things about the artists and musicians.

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NOTE: The characters used in the intros are not politically correct, par our free-speech regulations, which coincides with the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States as of September 15, 2022. Some introductions may be considered offensive by some sensitive viewers. All opinions expressed are the sole perspectives of the narrators, and does not reflect the opinions of UMG Productions, Inc. Discretion is advised.

Volume 1

Dee Dee Rivera narrates this first version on her own, she looks at music videos by Tom Petty, Michael Jackson. INXS and many others! Here Dee talks about what she finds fascinating about each of these historical videos. Filmed in Astoria, OR in 2016.

Volume 2

Dee Dee Rivera teams up with Katrina from the series Katrina Hates You. Here, both Katrina and Dee play some of their most favorite music videos. Katrina enjoys the sexual side of the videos, while Dee enjoys the more practical and conservative videos. They look at videos by Roxette, Chris Isaak and Twisted Sister among many other classical music videos. Filmed in Tillamook, OR after her painful move there in 2016.

Volume 3

Dee stays out of this video and leaves the whole thing to Katrina, from Katrina Hates You. Katrina humorously hates everything! She narrates videos in this episode by Cindy Lauper, Talking Heads and Soundgarden in this video with her usual slapstick style. Katrina tells it all like it is, or at least as she sees it. Some harsh words may be too sensitive for some viewers. Discretion is clearly advised. Katrina is not politically correct! Filmed in UMG Studios in 2018.

Volume 4

Dee Dee Rivera is back to narrating this video. only this time, voicing her constant companion; her dog, Mya. This collection looks at videos that have some importance to them, or some other significant thing. She looks at the funniest, craziest, and scariest videos ever made as well. Videos by Madonna, Nine-inch Nails and Fever Ray are talked about on this episode, among many others. What are your opinions on some of these videos? Dee proves anyone can make and submit a video in this DVD. Filmed at UMG Studios in 2019.

Volume 5

Dee Dee Rivera comes back to narrate this collection of videos with her little rabbit friend, Ramon. Though some filmed intros have Ramon while others don't. Ramon got fussy and had to be taken out of the picture. Dee continues to look at, and introduce, some of the most interesting videos by Enigma, No Doubt and Howard Jones, among many others. Filmed in Tillamook, OR in 2021.

Volume 6

In this collection, most of the videos are introduced by Dee's older sister, Mikessa. Though Dee does appear to make a few introductions. This video looks at some historic videos by The Communards, Pete Hernandez and Richard Marx, among many others. Mikessa gives her most honest opinions of these videos. So does Dee in the very few introductions she appears in. This video was filmed in Tillamook, OR in 2022.

Volume 7

This is a collection, not of Dee's favorite songs, but the favorite songs of Dana (played by Annamarie Rivera). Not just Dana introduces her favorite songs, but she gets Pullman and Elias to help her out. In this collection, she looks at favorite videos from Heavy D, Pet Shop Boys and LL Cool J, among many other classics. Some of these are extremely rare videos that had a very short life on video channels. But we all hope you enjoy them! Filmed in Tillamook, OR in 2022.

Volume 8

The characters Eva and Katrina (from Katrina Hates You) run this disk's show. Eva is trying to be the VJ in this video, but Katrina always wants to talk about her own problems. Eva still tries to do the job she is supposed to anyway. Even with Katrina hilariously getting in the way. Meanwhile, we see videos throughout this collection from Paul McCartney, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Paula Abdul, among many others. Enjoy this walk back through memory lane, singing and dancing along. Filmed in Tillamook, OR in 2022.

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