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The UMG Graveyard

These are some characters who enjoyed a bit of time in the limelight of UMG Productions and Black Panther Productions, but now are no longer used, and most probably never will be used in stories again. This is simply for entertainment purposes.

Species: Racer (Metazoic ungulate)
Run Time: 1979 to 1981
Created by: Trisha Greenbush
This is the most unique character to ever shadow UMG's line-up, for the simple fact he is an albino of his species. Trisha was completely fascinated by this genetic affect ever since seeing pictures in a book of an albino gorilla and an albino wallaby. So she created this character, and named him Albino, who is different in appearance, but the same as his friends at heart. He doesn't even seem to know in the stories that he is different from his friends. And his friends treat him no different than if he was "normal" colored.
The first story to depict this unique character was a story by Greenbush titled "Bandit and Friends: Our Story", where Albino cannot sleep and asks Bandit to tell him the story of Bandit's background and growing up years. The story is only a few pages long, but it was this character's first appearance, and set the stage for many more wonderful tales to come.

Species: Civet
Run time: 1981 to 1997
Created by: Trisha Greenbush
Annabel showed up in several stories but is most well-known for her role in Ask Annabel. Only one of those stories became truly popular, though there was once said to be as many as a dozen Ask Annabel stories, which all came out in 1981 and 1982. Between 1984 and 1997, she was rarely in any stories. But in one story from 1997, she showed up as the hapless victim of Melody, the neighborhood bully. After that, Annabel was never used again. In a story began in 2005, and not yet completed, Annabel makes a brief appearance as Bandit's accountant.

Species: Monkey
Run time: 1986 to 1997
Created by: Katrina O'hara
Antoine (or Antonio) showed up cameo-style in many stories. Mostly non-speaking parts. He's kindof UMG's sidekick. The silent one who stands in the background and listens. This probably is why he was rarely used in the stories, and is no longer used in stories anymore. He does however make appearances in stories with Mr. B and Gracie. He is seen in a non-speaking role in the story Vacation Time! (With the Gang), as well as The Twister. After Vacation Time! (With The Gang), Antoine was never used in stories again, as a part of eliminating characters who did not have major roles in these stories.

Species: Lemur
Run time: 1988 to 1994
Created by: Cathy Britton
At first, Celina was the comical sidekick for Kathy the kangaroo. Then, she went her own way when the 1990s began. In 1992, she appeared in UMG's version of Batman as Catwoman, where at first, she falls under the power of an ungrateful employer who takes advantage of her. This destruction of her life drives her insane and lead to her becoming Catwoman. She also gets pregnant in that story, something which really happened that same year to the author, Cathy Britton, who was not even 20 years old at the time, and was scared she was not even ready for a family. Celina sort of became Cathy's emotional outlet. She is better known, however, for the story Celina and the Tyrannosaur, where she raises a tyrannosaur chick she named Rex. Celina is just simply not used in these stories anymore.

Species: Lilywalker (Metazoic carnivorous ungulate)
Run time: 1982 to 1984
Created by: Katrina O'hara
A character rarely talked about today in UMG Productions. Back in the day, she only appeared in a few short stories with the other creatures of Halloween Hall, and even then, her parts in the series were rather insignificant. This probably led to her ultimate demise and lack of use in modern days. She was mostly portrayed as an equivocal little girl tattle-tale who, more often than not, would snitch on Brad and Bill for bullying her. Though in those stories, Brad and Bill were much different than they are once they join Uncle Martin and the Gang. Though Brad still has his own mind, he is not the bully he once was. Hannaroi, however, never became a major figure in stories, and her creator culled her out in 1984. She was destined to never return, not even briefly, as Katrina O'hara died in 1986.

Species: ant-squirrel (numbat-like Metazoic marsupial)
Run time: 1983 to 1986
Created by: Katrina O'hara
It's pretty safe to say that the majority of Katrina O'hara's characters were put to rest when she passed away in 1986. Hildeguarde is among those. At first, she was simply Caroline's best friend. But Caroline soon went her own way, and Hildeguarde's part in stories became more and more infrequent. She was at her peak in 1984, with the two stories Caroline Falls in Love and Caroline, the Sequel. Her last appearance was in a small-time short story that never really made it off the ground, and today has become the property of Katrina O'hara's family.

Species: Lemur
Run Time: 1982 to 1997
Creator: Katrina O'hara
Jasper was originally a part of O'hara's first line-up when she joined in UMG Productions. He first appeared as a ghost-dog in a story about a haunted house. A year later, he was changed from a dog to a lemur and no longer was a ghost living in a haunted house. He always appears with someone. In 1983, he starred with a character (also from O'hara's line-up) named Frankie in a story where the two of them are left to babysit a litter of baby raccoons. They don't realize what they've gotten themselves into until they find out how many in the litter there was.
Jasper appears later in a major epic "The Mischievous Mongoose" with Katie. They find a baby mongoose half-drowned on the beach that turned out to be Diana. At first Jasper and Katie are scared of Diana, but learn later on that she means them no harm. Jasper also appears later as the proud father of Martin in 1986. Jasper appears a little off and on between 1986 and 1997. In 1997, he is hit by a drunk driver and killed. But, he may be back. Maybe.

Species: Tree squirrel
Run Time: 1979 - 1986
Creator: Trisha Greenbush
Katie is often seen in the stories with Caroline, the lemur. Sometimes she is assertive with Caroline, sometimes she is submissive. All in all, both seem to treat each other as equals. Greenbush wanted to put 2 tree-dwellers together and have them hang out with each other in the trees. In Katie's first appearance, she and Caroline are playing together in a playground and find an exciting new toy buried in a sand box. They take it home and play with it, but are sabotaged by Reginald. Later, Katie appears more with Jasper and then back again with Caroline.
O'hara soon "adopted" Katie for her stories and gave her a personality reminiscent of her own. The change takes place during her appearance in "The Mischievous Mongoose" where basically she and Jasper work together as one. Though Katie was originally created by Greenbush, she soon became known as O'hara's alter-ego. When O'hara passed away in 1986, The remaining authors felt it was best to also put Katie the squirrel to rest, since she became such a major part of O'hara's career.

Species: Pseudosim (Metazoic ungulate-like primate)
Run Time: 1992 to 1999
Created by: Dana Pendleton
Kelso was not used in many successful stories, but he was married to Touti. He is most prominent in the story Spider Invasion, where he dresses up like The Terminator to rid Sadie's home of some psychotic spiders who try to take over the club. All of his other appearances in stories were small, and those stories were not appropriate for publication on this site.

Species: Tree squirrel
Run Time: 1995
Created by: Dana Pendleton
For a very brief time in 1995, Uncle Martin and the gang were trying something new. They moved into a club with a new leader, Sadie. Mavis is Sadie's sidekick and best friend. Though her appearance was that of a brief cameo appearance in the story Spider Invasion, her appearance was unforgettable, and kicked off the battle her club would have with these spiders. Their time with Sadie and Mavis was very brief, it only lasted a month. And once Uncle Martin, Kathy and the rest of the gang moved out, Mavis and Sadie would never be seen again.

Mr. B
Species: Kangaroo (Metazoic-style)
Run Time: 1990 to 1998
Created by: Dana Pendleton
Also known as Stanley, or Mr. Blackwood, this character was not too frequently used. He does have a child named Stanley Jr. who appears in the story Spring Trip with Kathy and Caroline. But Mr. B's appearance is as the leader, with the sidekick Gracie for a while. Mr. B. appears as the captain of a ship in Vacation Time! (With the Gang) and also in the story The Twister. In 1998, Mr. B's character was killed by a drunk driver, and has not been revived in the stories to this day.

Species: Palm civet
Run Time: 1983 to 1985
Created by: Katrina O'hara
Roberta became a part of the quad group with Caroline, Katie and Hildeguarde. She was the youngest member of the group for quite some time. Her first appearance came in November of 1983, as a baby who was fed cat food and refused to eat it, knowing she is not a cat! She also makes a short, cameo appearance in Caroline Falls In Love. But after the story Cat Food, she never made another solo appearance in a story again. She did not survive Miss O'hara's character cull that occurred in 1985.

Species: Small pseudosim
Run Time: 1995
Created by: Dee Dee Rivera
Like Mavis, Sadie was a part of a brief experiment conducted with Uncle Martin and the Gang. Though Mavis was Sadie's good friend, Sadie appeared in more stories. Sadie became the subject of humor because she has an extreme fear of thunder and lightening. This became apparent in the story Lightening Strikes! During their time in Sadie's home, she would fall in love...with Mushmouth! But Mushmouth was too big for her. And eventually, he would have to move on with Uncle Martin and the rest of the gang. This experiment only would last a month, and then the two groups separated. This left Sadie to go back to being in her own club, without Uncle Martin and the Gang.

Species: Racer (Metazoic ungulate)
Run Time: 1991 to 2007
Created by: Dee Dee Rivera
Swen enjoyed a good run. He's done solo stories, and he's even made an appearance in UMG's own version of Batman. But he made his best appearances in the stories he did when he and Odel separated from Uncle Martin and the rest of the gang, to run a little gang of their own. Based in part on the Beavis and Butthead series, Swen and Odel became kindof a gang of two idiots. They would spend most of their time trying to hang with Rudolf, who does not want anything to do with them. Swen was kindof the straight man of the gang, where Odel was the one who endured most of the abuse. Swen still makes short appearances, but has not been in anything major since the story Cafeteria Wreck.

Species: Phocid seal (Metazoic-style)
Run Time: 1992 to 1998
Created by: Dana Pendleton
Touti is married to Kelso, but rarely made more than short, cameo appearances in stories. She disappeared with Kelso without making any major story appearances.

Species: Horrane (Metazoic carnivorous ape)
Run Time: 1981 to 1996
Created by: Trisha Greenbush
This character was mostly the subject of short comic stories in the early 1980s. Though none of them really became very well known or successful in public display. Though he was used quite often in the early 1980s. He was named for the town of Lakewood, where the creator lived at that time. Back then, they often used names of towns and street signs to name their characters. It was a way of gaining characters and making them different from all others out there. At first, Woody was known as "Lakie". But Trisha never really liked that hypocorism. So a year later, she went from calling him "Lakie" to calling him "Woody". But between 1982 to 1992, Woody sort of went dormant, though he did not disappear completely. He appeared briefly in a few stories in that time, though they were mostly non-speaking parts. His last appearance was in 1996, in a story with Reginald, who both target UMG's version of the Joker. They attempt to outdo him to take over Gotham City. But as usual, they do not make it and the Joker wins! Woody just stopped being used in 1996, after Trisha's first grandchild is born.

Species: Lobuck (Metazoic carnivorous ungulate)
Run Time: 1979 to 1997
Creator: Trisha Greenbush
This character first came along when the first Bandit and Friends series was created. Though the first volume did not depict this character, she became a regular in stories to follow. She made many hearty appearances until the end of 1981, after a story where she and Caroline take horse riding lessons lost some of it's luster. In 1982, O'hara sort of "adopted" Wolfie for her stories, set in a haunted house. She kept her name however. O'hara felt it was the perfect name for a scary creature. And indeed, her species resembles a cross between a wolf and a human (with antelope feet), which makes her look all the more scary. But her sweet disposition proves the readers' ideas are misleading.
In 1984 Wolfie was retired, and never again brought back up except for a very brief appearance again in 1995 in the story "Spider Invasion", and another in 1997, in a retrospective story, where she rescues a friend from some playground bullies. Later in 1997, she appears in A Tribute to Mount St. Helens, with Bandit, Reginald and a little-known character named Snowshoe. But she has not been depicted in any stories since then.

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