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Can We Join Your Gang?

by Dee Dee Rivera
Swen and Odel are gang rejects, and desperately want to connect with someone. So they choose the toughest guy on the block, Rudolf. But Rudolf
does not really want them to hang around him. So, to play along, he makes up an initiation for them to follow, in order to get into his gang. At the same time, he thinks he can get them to bring him the girls he desires, who happen to be Genny and Eva. Swen and Odel fall for it for sure! They go into the strip joint to get the girls that Rudolf wants, but find out quickly that the girls are already taken by a mean pimp, who threatens Odel with bodily harm if he doesn't stay away from his women. At the same time, Rudolf is demanding that Odel go back and keep trying to get the other girl. It becomes a bit of a game of tag for Odel, as he tries to please Rudolf, and stay away from the bad guys. This story has some rough language, and scenes of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Original release date: June, 1995
ISBN #:                        978-1-329-04986-4
No. of Pages:               37
Download Size:           21.1 MB
Print Size:                    8.5 x 11"
Print Weight:             0.41 lbs.

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