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Please Be Patient!

Please Be Patient!
Due to Covid-19, our print books and some DVDs may not be available. We are doing what we can to fix the problem, but it may take some time. Please bear with us during this process. Video streaming, ebooks, and some Amazon suppliers are still available with related products. We will keep you up to date with what is going on. Thank you.

~The Management

The Spring Trip

by Cathy Britton
Kathy is invited to go on a spring trip with her friend Stanley and his class. For him it's a business trip, but to Kathy and Caroline it is a fun trip. The driver
though almost does not want to take Kathy, Caroline and all of Stanley's friends on this trip as well as Stanley. But he finally relents and agrees to take Stanley and his friends on the trip. But now that they are on the trip, they face some problems. While Stanley is off with his class, Kathy and Caroline have to find their own things to do. Kathy finds a horseback riding group, and Caroline has fun just watching the ocean. Kathy has a problem, she cannot really ride a horse! But she refuses to give up. This story is great for people of all ages!

Original release date: September, 1994
ISBN #:                        978-1-329-04992-5
No. of Pages:               47
Download Size:           24.3 MB
Print Size:                    8.5 x 11"
Print Weight:              0.47 lbs.


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