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Date to Ice Skate

by Trisha Greenbush
This was the very first story created for UMG Productions. Though back then, it was known as Black Panther Books. Bandit does not live in a house in this book, instead
she lives in a cave. One day, her friend Inky the mouse calls to Bandit and discovers her world is all white with snow. Inky invites Bandit to go to the lake, which has frozen over. Inky begins to iceskate, but Bandit cannot stay up. Inky tries to help, but causes more trouble than he solves, as Bandit is about to head uncontrollably over a waterfall! Find out if she does go over, and what happens. This story is great for children of all ages.

Original release date: November, 1978
ISBN#:                         978-1-365-77570-3 
No. of Pages:               20
Download Size:           8.1 MB
Print Size:                   8.5" x 11.0"
Print Weight:              0.31 lbs.

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