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INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens

by Dee Dee Rivera and Cairo Smith
A story 8 years in the making. Cairo Smith contributed to this story in part because it was partly his idea to get it going. But Dee Dee did all the hard work. Mount St. Helens is a major tourist attraction in WA state, and people come from all
 over the world to view it after it's infamous eruption in 1980. Smith and Rivera figured INXS should be no exception! On a tour, they all head up to the mountain. But in Toutle, on the way up, they run into trouble. Their tour bus breaks down. And right in front of the home where Candi lives with all her animal friends. Among them, Gracie, whose initial appearance sends shivers up the guy's spines. This story is entirely fiction and based on fantasy, and is strictly for fun. It is not meant to be taken as actual events, nor is it meant to be implied or interpreted as such. Some scenes may not be suitable for children. Reader discretion is advised. This book is not registered nationally, and has no ISBN number. This book is strictly available through this site, as exchange from one INXS fan to others. Only available as an ebook.

Original release date: May, 2005.

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