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Encyclopedia of the World of Dogs

by Dee Dee Rivera
There are more than 400 different kinds of purebreed dogs in the world and this book covers most of them. Thanks to help from various kennel clubs and
a lot of other modern-day research, we were able to compile vast information about all the different breeds out there, including some very obscure breeds from some of the most remote places ever to develop a breed. This book is uniquely put together by Dee Dee, who has had a passion for the domestic canine race since 1981. This book is not registered nationally, and has no ISBN number available. This work comes strictly available as an artsipiece to be enjoyed from one dog-lover to others. But it has more than 500 pages of endless information about dogs, including the breeds section, adorned with color photographs illustrating each breed.

Original release date: May, 2000. Updated version: June, 2009
ISBN #:                        N/A
No. of Pages:               456
Download Size:           39.2 MB
Print Size:                   8.5" x 11"
Print Weight:             4.78 lbs.

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