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Hutchess: A Picture Diary

by Dee Dee Rivera
This story stars Candi, who represents Dee Dee, and takes place in the early summer months of 1998, when Dee got herself a cattle dog puppy that she
named Hutchess, after her favorite lead singer, Michael Hutchence, who died some months before these events took place. At that time, Rivera kept a diary, and recorded daily events. Among them, the day she acquired Hutchess, and even the day the puppy fell mysteriously ill. One way how Ms. Rivera knows to get over tragic events like the death of her puppy is to write about them, so she took these events from her personal diary, and wrote about them with illustrations. It has come to create an amazing story that anyone who has ever known the tragedy of losing a pet should enjoy. In the end, Candi gets over her loss of Hutchess and gets another puppy. Find out what she does in this next chapter in her life. This story depicts the death of Hutchess, and has some strong language. Reader discretion is advised.

Original release date: August, 1998.
ISBN #:                      978-1-312-96539-3
No. of Pages:             123
Download Size:         45.5 MB
Print Size:                  8.5" x 11"
Print Weight:             0.92 lbs.

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