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Uncle Martin and the Gang in: The Beauty Contest

by Cathy Britton
Martin and Genny are back again for another adventure! This time, Genny is entering a beauty contest, and Martin is the judge! Genny tries to campaign and
secure her place in the winner's circle with Martin, but he is staying true to his title. When the time comes to judge the beauties, Martin has 3 of his gang members with him to learn, and learn they do! They learn how to correctly judge the girls based on presence and confirmation, not by friendship or closeness. But Genny has a bit of a trick up her sleeve, that gets her banned from the beauty ring for life. Find out what happens, and why she gets banned. And find out if Genny realizes it isn't such a bad thing to get banned from beauty contests. A great story for all ages, though some reader discretion may be advisable.

Original release date: June, 1989
ISBN #:                      978-1-312-96609-3
No. of Pages:             32
Download Size:         18 MB
Print Size:                  8.5" x 11"
Print Weight:             0.38 lbs.

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