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Pickin' Up Chicks

by Dee Dee Rivera
The very first story where Odel and Swen are together as a mini-mob. In 1995, Ms. Rivera was heavily into Beavis and Butthead, and a lot of her stories at this time reflect
a bit on that interest. So the idea of these mini gangs came into play. Swen and Odel are a couple of naive youngsters just out to improve their lives and make it more exciting for themselves. So they go to a diner, where beautiful girls are known to hang out at. They just want to pick up on some chicks. Genny and Eva are also in this story, and knowing Odel and Swen are such clueless youngsters, take advantage of their innocence and invite the boys to treat them out on a date. Little do Swen and Odel know Eva and Genny have a trick up their sleeve. This book has some mild language, and talks of sexual acts. Reader discretion is advised.

Original release date: June, 1995
ISBN #:                      978-1-329-03234-7
No. of Pages:              51
Download Size:         27.7 MB
Print Size:                  8.5 x 11"
Print Weight:             0.49 lbs.

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