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Celina and the Tyrannosaur

by Keisha Simpson
Ms. Simpson is a UMG one-hit wonder. She only wrote one story that she submitted, but that one story turned out to be a masterpiece! Celina is a young lemur that went
hiking one day on a rocky slope, and stumbled across an egg. The egg turned out to be a dinosaur egg! And it actually hatched. Out popped a young tyrannosaurus rex. Celina decided to adopt this youngster and keep him as a pet. This story is a 3-part adventure for both Celina and the dinosaur that she decided to name "Rex". Though Rex is much bigger than Celina, Celina's love for Rex turns out to be bigger than both of them. At one point in the story, he even saves her. Find out how, in this story that is a must-have for kids of all ages!!

Original release date: August, 1993
ISBN #:                        978-1-329-03212-5
No. of Pages:               43
Download Size:           23.2 MB
Print Size:                    8.5 x 11"
Print Weight:              0.45 lbs.

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