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Encyclopedia of Horses of the World

by Dee Dee Rivera
Do you love horses? Do you own a horse? Or just like reading about them? Are you planning to get a horse and you want to know what kinds there are out there, or what to look foreward to? This book has all the answers you need. This book is packed with information about genetics, the different
breeds, how to care for a horse and how to identify different ailments. It even covers a few tips on how to train your horse. Included are color photographs of the more than 300 different breeds of horse, and the different color genetics. Next is a wide and informative look on how to buy a horse, how to transport, train, what to do with a horse that is too old to work or ride. There is even a list of horse resources in the back of the book! This book is a must have for the horse enthusiast! This book does not have an ISBN number, and is not registered nationally. It is only available through this site as a text book from one horse-lover to others.

Original release date: September, 2010; Updated May, 2013
ISBN #:                      N/A
No. of Pages:              339
Download Size:          16.7 MB
Paperback Size:          8.5" x 11"
Paperback Weight:     2.86 lbs.

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