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Futuristic Fight-Club

by Dee Dee Rivera and Cathy Britton
A combination of modern sports humor and futuristic animals. This story takes place in South America after humans have moved from the planet
and animals take over again. This story puts the battleground of predator and prey together in an official boxing ring, and charges tickets to the other animals to watch. The two contenders at first are a large Deinognathus and an anaconda, two species that will most likely clash in the future world. Then the champion--the Deinognathus--will have to take on another challenger. Who will it be? Will the mighty predator win against this one? Find out.
No real violence is depicted in this story, so it is child-friendly.

Originally released: June, 1997
ISBN #:                     978-1-365-74380-1
No. of Pages:            31
Download Size:        20.7 MB
Print Size:                 8.5" x 11.0"
Print Weight:            0.44 lbs.

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