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The Twister

By Dee Dee Rivera
A humorous twist on the Wizard of Oz story. Gracie, Mr. Blackwood, Kathy and all their friends are visiting Kathy's grandparents in Kansas.
Unfortunately the night they are there, a twister rips through town, and they all get caught up in it. Where does the twister take them? To Oz? No! The twister takes the gang to the land called Gargantua, where all good celebrities go when they die. How will the gang get themselves home though? They are so far away! Find out in this humorous drama.
This story contains some mildly strong language. Reader discretion is advised.

Originally released: January, 1997
ISBN #:                    978-1-312-95266-9
No. of Pages:            102
Download Size:        85.0 MB
Print Size:                 8.5" x 11.0"
Print Weight:            0.8 lbs.

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