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The Lemur and the Mouse

By Dee Dee Rivera
A UMG take on a classic story. Instead this time, a Bromista lemur (from is in place instead of a lion. The lemur endeavors to eat the
mouse, but the mouse pleads for his life, and swears to save the lemur's life someday in return for the favor. The lemur of course laughs at the idea, but agrees to let the mouse go. He is not sorry though in the end. Find out what happens, and how the lemur learns not to doubt the words of this mouse again.
This story is rated safe for children of all ages.

Originally released: February, 1997
ISBN #:                   978-1-312-95466-3
No. of Pages:           36
Download Size:       17.5 MB
Print Size:                8.5" x 11.0"
Print Weight:           0.41 lbs.

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