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The Pendant

By Dee Dee Rivera and Eva Lawrence
Candi is a young university student in this story who travels to the jungle of central Africa and happens to be browsing through the jungle and comes
across this bright golden pendant laying on a grave in what appears to be an abandoned burial ground of one of the local tribes. Well, to her the pendant looks beautiful, so she takes it back to camp and turns it into a necklace. Ever since then, all hell breaks loose because of this pendant that seems to possess magical properties, Candi and her instructor are changed into different animals to get them out of different disasters.
This story contains some harsh language, and may not be suitable for small children. Reader discretion is advised.

Originally released: February, 1997
ISBN #:                    978-1-312-95467-0
No. of Pages:            80
Download Size:        57.5 MB
Print Size:                 8.5" x 11.0"
Print Weight:            0.67 lbs.

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