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Timmyfan's Pillow-Talk: Friends and Family (Video Collection)

by Dee Dee Rivera
Timmyfan has always been known for her slapstick humor. In this collection, she talks about different subjects regarding her family and friends. Each
discussion is illustrated in a humorous way, with images from Google Images. Also included is a video clip "Fun With The Wees", which won the 2008 Grays Harbor College Film Festival Award. Listen and watch as Timmyfan discusses various subjects, like her dogs, and breeding rabbits, which was a venture she was going to get into as her sister was in school in Bozeman, MT. She presents them in this collection in a humorous way, guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, surprised, all in the name of family and friends! View each video individually, or download the entire collection.

 Price: $14.99

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