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Timmyfan's Pillow-Talk: INXS (Video Collection)

by Dee Dee Rivera
Another collection of Timmyfan's humor, this time the focus is on her favorite rock group, INXS. Once again, she delivers each video with her own words,
telling it like she sees it. For this she has often been both admired, and scorned. But Timmyfan keeps on being Timmyfan. Listen and view as she talks about meeting each of the band members and draws from her own personal experiences. Find out what happened and why she just cannot seem to get along with one of the band members, and her own point of view about why. Timmyfan talks about their music, and even celebrates both the day Michael Hutchence was born, as well as celebrating his life on the anniversary of his death. Find out what inspired Timmyfan to become such a huge fan of this band. Also dive into the realm of the evil INXS fans who have often tormented her for various reasons.

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