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Brittney's New Pet

By Dee Dee Rivera and Eva Lawrence

Four year old Brittney is in a bad spot. She just lost her pet Chihuahua named Groucho, who dies mysteriously one gloomy spring morning.
But her mother, Rosa, allows her to try and find another pet to replace Groucho. So, Brittney goes off around the neighborhood to try and find an example of the perfect pet. She tries many different things, but does she manage to find the right second pet? What does she try first? And what actually works out for her? Find out in this story, full of comedy, sadness, as well as drama. Based in part on actual events, this story is great for children of all ages! But parents, tell your kids not to try this at home! This project was written by Dee Dee, who was Groucho's actual owner, and supervised by Eva Lawrence, who is also a mother of 10 children herself.

Originally released:  July, 2007
ISBN #:                    978-1-312-94984-3
No. of Pages:            104
Download Size:        33.8 MB
Print Size:                 8.5" x 11.0"
Print Weight:            0.81 lbs.

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