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The Break-In

By Dee Dee Rivera

Davy is getting older and because he is getting bigger, he's been confined to the barn. This puts a damper on his family life,
and seems to threaten his pet/owner relationship with Lisa, who has been his friend since he was a fawn. Well, in this story, Lisa is getting serious with her boyfriend Eric. Thus he invites her to join him at the beach. But Lisa already has plans to spend the same day with Davy. But the mention of a picnic by the beach has her initially breaking that promise. Which leaves Davy devastated. Only one thing might be able to save Lisa's and Davy's relationship, and that's when an intruder breaks into the house and threatens the lives of Lisa and her father. What happens after that? Find out in this story. Based in small part on actual events that happened with the author. Some minor nudity and strong language prevail in this story, along with some mild violence. Reader discretion is well advised!

Originally released: November, 1999
ISBN #:                     978-1-312-94973-7
No. of Pages:            74
Download Size:        37.3 MB
Print Size:                 8.5" x 11.0"
Print Weight:            0.63 lbs.

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