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The Big Squeeze

by Dee Dee Rivera and Cathy Britton
Purely an anecdote story, though it centers around compassion for animals with a happy, and somewhat humorous, ending. Caroline appears in this story, it's one of the few times this 80s child is
used in the 90s. Also appearing is Andy Anaconda, also known as "The Mad Anaconda". He loves to grab warm and fuzzy animals into his coils and squeeze them until they are unconscious. Caroline is innocently visiting downtown when she comes across the snake. It looks like all is lost, until Uncle Martin and the Gang step in with Rosa, who has veterinary experience. She takes care of Caroline while waiting for the real doctors to get to her. Find out what else happens in this compassionate and compelling story.

Originally released:     October, 1993
ISBN #:                         978-1-312-94855-6
No. of Pages:                63
Download Size:            29.0 MB
Print Size:                    8.5" x 11.0"
Print Weight:              0.57 lbs.

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