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Uncle Martin and the Gang in: Rooftop Basketball

By Dee Dee Rivera
The very first story to ever feature Uncle Martin's youngest group members, Bucky and Mushmouth. Mushmouth is an aspiring basketball
fan, but has no hoop of his own, so he goes to his neighbor's house and uses his chimney as a basket. He does not realize the owner of the rooftop he has chosen to play on is in his house, ready to clean his chimney. Like any youngster, Mushmouth gets both himself and Bucky in trouble in this story. Find out what happens in this remarkable and humorous story about friendship.

Originally released: January, 1989
ISBN #:                    978-1-312-94908-9
No. of Pages:            39
Download Size:        12.0 MB
Print Size:                 8.5" x 11.0"
Print Weight:            0.42 lbs.

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