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How (Not To) Raise Farm Dogs

by Dee Dee Rivera and F.M. Clark

A humorous tale about a farmer who raises a border collie puppy from birth. The puppy was rejected by her own mother, and the farmer puts her
in the pouch of one of his female phalangers, who already has a suckling kit in her pouch. The puppy and the phalanger grow up together and play together like all babies do. But when the border collie, named Lady, is all grown up, the farmer has to teach her to herd. And the phalangers are what she herds. At first, Lady cannot aggressively herd the phalangers because she still sees them as family. Will she ever learn to behave the way her breed is supposed to? Find out in this story. This story is good for all ages.

Originally Released April, 1991. Completed and perfected May, 2015
ISBN #:                    978-1-329-14986-1
No. of Pages:           119

Download Size:       45.8 MB
Print Size:                8.5 x 11"
Print Weight:           0.9 lbs.

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