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Lisa and Davy Spend A Day At The Zoo

By Dee Dee Rivera

A boring Sunday afternoon in the beginning of the school season, and Lisa and Dave are bored. Nothing on television except football games, and Lisa
does not know what to do. But Davy gets the idea to go for a walk to kill time and Lisa agrees. While on their walk, they run into Lisa's best friend, Beth, and she joins in the fun. This is when they decide to go to the zoo nearby. The day becomes full of fun, with the exception of them coming face to face with a bunch of nasty hooligans. But once they are taken care of, the girls and Davy continue to have fun. Davy is even reunited with an old friend. Read to see what happens. Because of some harsh language, this story is not suitable for young children.

Originally Released:   December, 2014
ISBN #:                        978-1-365-45425-7
No. Of Pages:              78
Download Size:           41.7 MB
Print Size:                    8.5 x 11"
Print Weight:               0.65 lbs.

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