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TimmyHutchFan Rides The Great Wheel (Video Presentation)

 By UMG Productions

TimmyHutchFan is back! And in Seattle to ride the Great Wheel, which has become a Seattle icon. Originally filmed in 2013 for her 39th
birthday present from her sis, TimmyHutchFan films herself on the way to the attraction and her most honest reaction every step of the way! She gets on the wheel and is rekindled with her fear of heights, but it is a great rush of adrenaline. Told as a story in a retrospective point of view, this movie is full of slapstick humor, and great for anyone who is interested in the city of Seattle and it's attractions. Follow TimmyHutchFan as she overcomes her fear of high places, and of ferris wheels. Also see the dogs as they have fun on their car ride. Filmed and presented in full HD.

Originally released: January, 2017

 Price: $14.99

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