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TimmyHutchFan Gets The Best Birthday Gift (Video Presentation)

 by UMG Productions

TimmyHutchFan has become somewhat synonymous with slapstick humor. This movie is no exception. TimmyHutchFan has been spending several years trying to find the right dog to add to her
household. She finds it in a little shetland sheepdog puppy from a breeder across the country from her. This movie takes a somewhat comical look at all the prep work she put in to prepare for this puppy, right up to the point where the puppy is shipped. Though the day does not go exactly as it was planned in the beginning, it still turns out to be the best day ever! This movie is all about finding love and acceptance, and the laughs the viewer will receive makes this movie a joy to watch. Though some harsh language is present throughout the movie.

Originally released: May, 2017

 Price: $14.99

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