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Davy's Little White Lie

By Dee Dee Rivera
Lisa, her father and Davy are at the family's cabin in the mountains. While there, Davy meets a pack of wild animals like himself. He wants to join
them and get a taste of what life in the wild is like. But Davy is not used to living in the wild. He has no idea how to cope. But he is so determined to make it work, that he tells a lot of lies to the pack leader in order to be accepted into the pack. It may have worked out for him if there hadn't been so much snow on the ground already! Meanwhile, Lisa and her father have no idea where Davy is, and they take their old draft horse and go looking for him in the middle of the night. But they do not know where to begin looking. Does Davy ever make his place in the wild pack? Or does he decide to come home? Will Lisa and her father ever find him? What happens that seals Davy's fate? Find out in this exciting, humorous story, good for people of all ages.

Originally Released:          November, 2002
ISBN #:                               978-1-387-29233-2 
No. of Pages:                      86
Download Size:                  39.8 MB
Print Size:                           8.5 x 11"
Print Weight:                      0.7 lbs.

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