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From Zoo to House Pet

By Katrina Dodds
A companion story to one of UMG's own masterpiece stories, Gracie's Odyssey, this story looks at Davy's life after he leaves the zoo in Sydney
to go live with Lisa and her father in a mansion nearby. His first night is calm and soothing. His next day is met with the introduction to a new friend, although she is not interested in becoming friendly with him at first. But he is as determined to make friends with her as she is to keep her possessions to herself. The third day, Davy is finally warming up to his new family. They take him on a fishing trip. He wants his new friend, Ellie to come along as well. He gets a good gander at the beach and beach life. But a big mishap happens while they are all out on the boat. Find out what happens and if they all make it home in one piece.

Originally Released:      November, 2017
ISBN #:                           978-1-387-33488-9
No. of Pages:                  130
Download Size:              56.9 MB
Print Size:                       8.5 x 11"
Print Weight:                  0.96 lbs.

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