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Katrina Hates You (Video Collection)

by Katrina Dodds 
Edited by Dee Dee Rivera
Katrina Dodds does the voices for this character. The character Katrina is a smart-mouthed tamanoa doe (futuristic carnivore) who
hates everything. With the exception of a few things. She talks about the things she hates with an upfront, flaming, high-pitched voice that makes her videos all the funnier. Katrina also experimented with doing commentary on other YouTube videos and creators. She also looks at world events and gives commentary on them, as well as political views and even did some music video critiques, which were unacceptable to YouTube's platform. Though she was not a huge smash on YouTube or Facebook, the people who did watch her videos said she was a good laugh and a lot of fun. Most of Katrina's videos are not much longer than 2 minutes, but they will have you laughing for years to come! Included are some never-before released videos that never made it to YouTube or Facebook.

Originally released: January, 2017 to March, 2019.

 Price: $14.99

Season 1
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Season 2
(Season 2 is not yet available on DVD)

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Sample Video

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