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Little Pine

By F. M. Clark
and Dee Dee Rivera

The story is about a young pine tree named Little Pine, who stands next to his father in the woods. The father tells the tale of the Ancient One to
Little Pine and all the animals and their young in the forest. A couple of humans invade the forest of the old days with their bulldozers and are ready to strip the forest bare to make way for progress. The animals though won't have any of that, and together with the Ancient One, come up with a plot to save the trees and their forest. The animals all work together to drive the humans out of their woods, until all is peaceful once again. Find out how the animals unite with the trees in this compelling story. This story is great for children of all ages.

Originally Released                         September, 2019
ISBN #                                              978-0-359-89908-1
No. Of Pages                                    34
Download Size                                10.4 MB
Print Size                                         8.5 x 11"
Print Weight                                    0.46 lbs.

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