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The Mischievous Mongoose

by Katrina O'hara
Miss O'hara has always been fascinated by baby animals, and created this story just months before her passing. It is all about a baby mongoose and her mother.

Cat Food

by Katrina O'hara
The story of a baby palm civet named Roberta, who eventually becomes a part of Bandit's group, but refuses to eat her supper. So she just sits in front of the

Horseback Riding

by Trisha Greenbush
Taken in a small part from real-life experiences, Trisha tells a story of Caroline and Wolfie, who take horseback riding and horse care lessons together. These

Let's Go For A Ride

by Trisha Greenbush
The story of Bandit and her father. Her father has just rebuilt an older race car and is just about finished with it. He invites Bandit and her friends to have a look

The Lemur and the Mermaid

by Katrina O'hara
The story about a young brown lemur, named Andrew, who lives in a bird house with his mother, and sees and acorn outside the door of the house. He tries to

Let's Play Ball

by Trisha Greenbush
In this story, Katie the squirrel and Caroline the lemur are together for the first time, playing at the park. Katie finds a treasure while playing in the sand box, it

Sandy, the Seal Who Feared the Water

by Trisha Greenbush
Sandy is a harbor seal who lives on the ice in the Arctic. She watches other seals playing around, and she would love nothing more than to join them. But she has one

The Prey Bites Back

By Dee Dee Rivera
Dee Dee Rivera has written some of the best comedy stories for UMG Productions over the years. A lot of her stories contain a lot of slapstick humor. This story is no

The Adventures of Rosa and Mushmouth in: In The Beginning

By Dee Dee Rivera
Part 1 in a mini-series starring Rosa, a young woman who lives on a ranch that caters to unique animals, and Mushmouth, a Deinognathus fawn that Martin gives to Rosa as a

I Want A Baby

by Dee Dee Rivera
A UMG Productions masterpiece! This is a story about a young sifaka lemur named Nora, who wants a baby so bad because all the other animals in the forest have babies

The Spring Trip

by Cathy Britton
Kathy is invited to go on a spring trip with her friend Stanley and his class. For him it's a business trip, but to Kathy and Caroline it is a fun trip. The driver

Lightening Strikes!

by Dee Dee Rivera
Uncle Martin and his gang are temporarily staying with Sadie and her friends. This is the first in that series of stories. Sadie introduces herself as the head

Spider Invasion

by Dee Dee Rivera
Uncle Martin and his gang are staying temporarily with a friend named Sadie, along with her own little group of friends, and while they are there, huge house spiders

Gracie's Odyssey

By: Cairo Smith and Dee Dee Rivera
Gracie's Odyssey is a UMG masterpiece! This is the story about a young Tamanoa doe named Gracie that lives in a zoo, and has a litter of fawns. One of which is severely undersized, but strong. She learns a hard lesson in zoo life,

Ask Annabel

By: Trisha Greenbush
Annabel is a wise animal who acts as UMG's own "Ask Abby". In this story, she is confronted by a guard