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At The Hospital

By Dee Dee Rivera
Do you dislike hospitals? Caroline the lanky lemur hates them! But you might find

Vacation Time! (With the Gang)

By Cathy Britton
Jasper is very generous to allow Mr. Blackwood to borrow his boat for the weekend and invite all his friends to join in. But there is one condition. No one

The Wedding

by Dee Dee Rivera
This is a story that Ms. Rivera bases in part on her own marriage which took place in 1997. Candi finally buckles down and decides to marry Leopold, her

The Time Machine

By Dee Dee Rivera
This is the story of an inventor named Everett, who thinks he has invented the perfect machine for time travel. His friends Vinnie and Stella offer themselves as his "guinea pigs" to experiment on this new machine. They ask him to send them

The Little Dragon

by Cathy Britton
This is the story of a little pteropod bat, called a "flying dragon", that literally crashes in on a family of a single mom and her two teenage daughters, May and Soul. The mom decides to

The Kidnappers

By Dee Dee Rivera
Rosa and Mushmouth are back again, this time in a market in Nairobi, Kenya. It is their first time there, and Rosa takes Mushmouth to the market with her,

The Adventures of Rosa and Mushmouth in: "I'm Stuck!"

By Dee Dee Rivera
A bonus story as part of a 3-part mini series that ran in the "Adventures of Rosa and Mushmouth" collection. Mushmouth is a dim-witted Deinognathus (Metazoic

Kathy Tells How She Joined the Gang

By Cathy Britton
Kathy is the only girl to ever be invited to join Uncle Martin's gang. It is her little friend, Wally B. who asks Kathy how it is she

Gracie's Odyssey

By: Cairo Smith and Dee Dee Rivera
Gracie's Odyssey is a UMG masterpiece! This is the story about a young Tamanoa doe named Gracie that lives in a zoo, and has a litter of fawns. One of which is severely undersized, but strong. She learns a hard lesson in zoo life,

Ask Annabel

By: Trisha Greenbush
Annabel is a wise animal who acts as UMG's own "Ask Abby". In this story, she is confronted by a guard