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Timmyfan In Montana (Video Presentation)

by UMG Productions
Timmyfan had never been to Montana before, and was in for quite a shock. This was filmed at a time when she and her sister were planning a big move

Fun At The Falls (Video Presentation)

by UMG Productions
This movie stars Mikessa1 as the thrilled vacationer, who goes to Idaho Falls after planning it for over 7 years. She finally gets to make a trip there, and discovers what the town is like. Follow her on

Timmyfan's Pillow-Talk: Random Blasts! (Video Collection)

by Dee Dee Rivera
Timmyfan is at it again with her sense of humor, talking about random things that happened in her life. Hear her rants about PETA and the evils Timmyfan

Timmyfan's Pillow-Talk: INXS (Video Collection)

by Dee Dee Rivera
Another collection of Timmyfan's humor, this time the focus is on her favorite rock group, INXS. Once again, she delivers each video with her own words,

Timmyfan's Pillow-Talk: Family And Friends (Video Collection)

by Dee Dee Rivera
Timmyfan has always been known for her slapstick humor. In this collection, she talks about different subjects regarding her family and friends. Each

A Tribute to Mount St. Helens

by Dee Dee Rivera
This story follows 2 different visitors to the mountain just days before the infamous eruption occurs. Bandit is going to the mountain with 3 of her

To Work Or Dress

by Dee Dee Rivera
Candi is in trouble! She just bought a dress for $500 and she wants to earn the money to pay for the dress before her husband Leopold finds out she

Futuristic Fight-Club

by Dee Dee Rivera and Cathy Britton
A combination of modern sports humor and futuristic animals. This story takes place in South America after humans have moved from the planet

The Twister

By Dee Dee Rivera
A humorous twist on the Wizard of Oz story. Gracie, Mr. Blackwood, Kathy and all their friends are visiting Kathy's grandparents in Kansas.

The Pendant

By Dee Dee Rivera and Eva Lawrence
Candi is a young university student in this story who travels to the jungle of central Africa and happens to be browsing through the jungle and comes

The Lemur and the Mouse

By Dee Dee Rivera
A UMG take on a classic story. Instead this time, a Bromista lemur (from is in place instead of a lion. The lemur endeavors to eat the

Encyclopedia of Horses of the World

by Dee Dee Rivera
Do you love horses? Do you own a horse? Or just like reading about them? Are you planning to get a horse and you want to know what kinds there are out there, or what to look foreward to? This book has all the answers you need. This book is packed with information about genetics, the different

INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens

by Dee Dee Rivera and Cairo Smith
A story 8 years in the making. Cairo Smith contributed to this story in part because it was partly his idea to get it going. But Dee Dee did all the hard work. Mount St. Helens is a major tourist attraction in WA state, and people come from all

Date to Ice Skate

by Trisha Greenbush
This was the very first story created for UMG Productions. Though back then, it was known as Black Panther Books. Bandit does not live in a house in this book, instead

How A Dog-Girl Turned Rocker

by Dee Dee Rivera
Between the years 2005 to 2007, Ms. Rivera kept an online blog at MSN. It was like a daily diary of what she was doing every minute. Most pronounced are her

Kooky Cagebirds

by Dee Dee Rivera
An example of Dee Dee's famous slapstick humor. Did you ever think about where the names of some popular cagebirds came from? Such as star finches,

Hutchess: A Picture Diary

by Dee Dee Rivera
This story stars Candi, who represents Dee Dee, and takes place in the early summer months of 1998, when Dee got herself a cattle dog puppy that she

Uncle Martin and the Gang in: The Beauty Contest

by Cathy Britton
Martin and Genny are back again for another adventure! This time, Genny is entering a beauty contest, and Martin is the judge! Genny tries to campaign and

Uncle Martin and the Gang in: How Martin Met Genny

by Cathy Britton
Genny is UMG's own sex symbol. Well, this story was her very first appearance in UMG Productions. Genny is a Hollywood actress who makes her way to the

Uncle Martin and the Gang in: I'm Having A Baby!

by Dee Dee Rivera
Cassie the cow and her mate Tim, who is a member of Martin's crew, are having their first baby together. This story picks up after Cassie has been taken